Unlocking the Value of Your Data

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Integrated Inputs

Medaxion takes anesthesia data from your OR systems and integrates it across your clinical, revenue cycle, pharmacy, and administrative teams. We simplify data entry for users, allowing seamlessly movement to our platform’s hub.

Intelligent Outputs

Once we receive information, our platform performs a deep analysis and delivers intelligent outputs to make meaning out of OR performance activity. Reports can be scheduled or completed ad hoc to support informed decision-making.

Actionable Insights

Medaxion’s ability to capture, analyze, and shares data where it is needed most equips you to maximize operational performance. Providing real-time insights, Medaxion becomes so much more than an anesthesia EHR.

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Nothing Happens without a Successful Launch

Driving value from your data starts with making information easy to input and easy to access. And that starts with a seamless implementation. Medaxion’s friction-free process guides you through all project management, system integrations, configurations, and training – working hand in hand with your team to hit your target go-live date. And, once you’ve launched, our ongoing, dedicated support ensures long-term success.

Phase 1:
Configuration & Coordination

To kick off the project, we set up all required system components and facilitate approvals with all relevant teams. We persistently pursue these sign-offs early on to prevent bottlenecks down the road.

  • Implementation objectives definition
  • System, practice and clinical configuration
  • Billing and facility integrations
  • Facility IT and clinical sign-off
  • Analytics and reporting identification

Phase 2:
Technical Execution

Medaxion completes IT integration and mobile device preparation. The rest of implementation depends on the extensive configuration and testing work completed in this phase.

  • Clinical configuration testing
  • Facility IT and Medaxion IT integration
  • Output customization
  • Device preparation
  • Facility coordination and go-live scheduling

Phase :
Training & Facility Go Live

Finally, we lead training and coaching for all system users before and during their first use at practice locations. We then address user feedback via system configuration changes to support optimal functionality.

  • Provider introduction & training
  • Admin/billing introduction & training
  • On-site coaching
  • Clinical configuration requirements definition
  • Facility staff access enablement

A Platform Designed to Move Data

Medaxion’s core analytics technology differentiates from other systems with its deep capability to report on any entry in real time, including: anesthetic case data, billing data, user activity data, practice configuration data, system status data. Our system is structured to continuously collect, validate, process, and deliver your information where and when it is needed most.


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    Robust Reporting

    Medaxion allows for rapid internal development of ad hoc and ready-made reports. Self-service authoring is available for those needing custom reports. Your team can develop on-demand and scheduled reporting with specific destinations to keep key stakeholders informed of organizational performance.

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    Flexible Visualizations

    Granular electronic case data collection creates rich opportunities for dashboards. Because of Medaxion’s structure, there are no limits to the number of dashboards you can create and deploy. Understanding a wide range of metrics – quality, performance, charge, efficiency – is simple and intuitive.

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    Driving Performance

    You understand what drives results in your organization. Your anesthesia and OR technology should elevate your ability to monitor and measure progress against internal goals. Whether user-, location- or organization-specific, Medaxion provides multiple tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and statistics driven from real-time data.

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