The smart anesthesia EHR platform

Make Your OR Data Accessible, Clear, and Actionable

Medaxion Pulse, our mobile-based EHR solution, empowers you to realize remarkable clinical and business results.The platform clearly documents operating room activity and instantly relays all pertinent data to clinical and RCM teams. Its ultra-intuitive, customizable interface adapts to a broad range of anesthesiology workflows, so Pulse is sure to fit the way you practice.

More than just the leading anesthesia EHR, Pulse provides incredibly rich data management, visualization and delivery capabilities that drive significant practice, facility and enterprise-wide results. Implementing Pulse provides overwhelming net return on investment, as measured in multiple areas of impact. Charge capture impact alone pays for Medaxion Pulse. Other key impact areas include: billing operations, provider efficiencies, quality reporting and staff productivity. Startup costs are low, so value is delivered quickly. Clients often achieve a ROI equalling 4-5x Medaxion’s annual costs.

Flexible and Customizable

Ready to fit the way you work

Pulse meets anesthesia’s unique challenges by intuitively following provider workflow and converting even EHR-resistant users. Once the initial setup process is complete, system configuration can be changed as needed. Practice standards with local customization is a distinguishing Medaxion capability.

Accessible Data

Get a complete picture of each case in all facilities

Medaxion Pulse touch charting adapts to your needs and workflow to capture all case data. We move case information where needed, to provide a comprehensive view of OR activity to all teams and accelerate informed decision-making.

Profitable Performance

Found revenue + greater efficiency = more profit

Medaxion Pulse removes information gaps between anesthesia practices, facilities, and billing teams – streamlining clinical documentation and data sharing. Instantly see where you are leaking revenue, discover opportunities for improving efficiency, and determine how to optimize for consistent profitability.



Synchronize multi-source anesthesia data

Continuous Information Flow Across All Your Partners

Medaxion Sync enables the collection and processing of OR source data from your hospital and ASC partners. Medaxion Sync allows your practice to achieve interoperability of charge, quality, RCM, and clinical information across all practice facilities.

Medaxion Sync eliminates or greatly reduces provider manual entry of data while improving efficiency, communication, and productivity. Medaxion Sync can import and map discrete data, including image-related data from facility anesthesia EHRs. Importantly, imported data will be mapped to standard Medaxion fields and included within our data warehouse and Insight Engine, providing your team a continuous view of your entire practice.

Uninterrupted Information

Keep data moving seamlessly

Information moves uninterrupted to give a comprehensive view of critical OR activity while greatly reducing manual efforts, duplicative tasks, and legibility issues. Enterprise capabilities such as rich bulletins, rich messaging, national case board, and image capture provide your team with deep intelligence on clinical, billing and quality data and metrics.

Automated Data Delivery

Minimize manual, duplicative tasks

Automated delivery of data will save providers from duplicative tasks where a facility system is used. Medaxion Sync can completely automate receipt of information, so additional provider input is not required. Discrete data will be received electronically, meaning case data will not suffer from manual errors or unnecessary RCM cycles.

Simplified Quality Reporting

Collect and report all required data

Medaxion streamlines the process of submitting quality data to QCDRs and quality registries supporting your participation in the CMS’ Quality Payment Program (QPP). Medaxion partners with the ASA’s NACOR. Our quality dashboards cover a wide range of parameters that help you generate accurate quality improvement reports.



Aggregate point of care OR drug data

Simplify OR Drug Data Capture and Real-time Usage Analytics

Medaxion Advance Pharmacy facilitates the collection of accurate drug information within anesthesia workflows. Barcode drug identification is the gold standard for accuracy, but compliance is difficult in many OR environments. Medaxion integrates drug scanning into our anesthesia EHR. By capturing data at the source of administration, you ensure complete records and pharmacy compliance in the OR. Then, in a matter of seconds, Medaxion Advance Pharmacy reconciles data, tracks it by case, and delivers information to pharmacy and RCM teams.

Our single-platform approach encourages compliance in fewer steps without interrupting providers’ workflow. Fast and easy scanning using the device camera eliminates time-consuming use of separate systems, which can lead to inaccurate drug and supply data. Medaxion Insight Engine analyzes each input to drive improvement across the entire OR drug cycle, including supply management, regulatory compliance, diversion control, and billing.

OR Barcode Accuracy

Know each drug used, including NDC information

Integrated barcode technology captures vial utilization data for each patient case, including all associated National Drug Codes (NDCs) which are increasingly required for billing. Drug utilization and administration data is automatically matched transparently for anesthesia providers. Medication reconciliation is automated and accurate.

Financial Clarity

Find revenue. Cut costs. Improve profit.

Connecting your OR and pharmacy drives bottom line impact. Drug and fluid scans are matched against administration data to create a complete cost and charge record for each case. Discrete NDC reporting meets payor/regulatory requirements. For cases where drugs and supplies are billed, accurate data captures lost revenue.

Enhanced Compliance

Get granular, real-time drug administration data

Proven accuracy of floor barcode medication administration processes are now available in the OR environment, which is managed by anesthesia staff without pre-administration orders. By enabling recording of drugs and supplies into the anesthesia information management system, providers are much more likely to complete required documentation.

All Medaxion solutions are powered by our Insight Engine.

Regardless of the Medaxion documentation and charge capture system you use, the Medaxion Insight Engine supports your performance with extensive analytics tools that let you see what’s happening in your OR and enable informed decisions.


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    Data-Rich Visualizations

    Medaxion Insight Engine delivers data-rich visualizations and simplified query capability, complete with web-based dashboards that highlight provider performance and drive staffing and workflow decisions.

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    Always Up-to-Date Performance

    Dashboards are updated in real time as data is entered into any Medaxion solution – clarifying key performance metrics and indicators.

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    Deep Data Warehouse & Reporting

    A curated analytics warehouse of your data gives you access to hundreds of mineable data points and generates automated, comprehensive reports for clinical and leadership teams.

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    Customizable Presentation

    Tailor your dashboards to meet your specific business objectives, and organize them by user, location, or organization.

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